I spend my days as a staff editor at Crew Cuts Editorial in Manhattan, cutting television commercials, branded content, and web videos for global advertising agencies. 


In my spare time, I produce/direct/shoot/edit my own docu-style videos, as well as shoot photography on a freelance basis and as a hobby. In 2016, my video "Volcano Bread" won Best Super Short Film at the New York Food Film Festival, and was subsequently circulated by global news media outlets and festivals, and has even earned an upcoming spot in a Swiss food museum.

In Summer of 2016 I was selected from over 7,000 applicants to be a Drink It Intern for World of Beer, which involved creating photo and video content for the global brand, as well as providing social media coverage of breweries and beer events while traveling solo.

Together with my friend Josh, I co-host camera review videos on YouTube as part of The Camera Project.

I love to travel and document my excursions in photo, video, and via my blog, Here Say.

I also do commercial voiceover, and have been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2012.

What I'm saying is...

Just follow along!